Further Reading and Sites of Interest
Works by George Borrow
Most of the works by George Borrow have been made available on internet by the Gutenberg Project, where they may be seen, read and down-loaded for free. The following are the most useful issues (click on the name to open the sites):

The Letters of George Borrow to the British and Foreign Bible Society as published by T.H. Darlow in 1911.

George Borrow, The Zincali: an account of the Gypsies of Spain. (1841)

George Borrow, The Bible in Spain. (1843)

Borrow’s other books and translations (Lavengro; The Romany Rye; Wild Wales; Romany Lavo-Lil etc.) may be found on the Gutenberg site.

Modern re-editions of The Bible in Spain, Lavengro, The Romany Rye and Wild Wales have recently been published (Print-on-Demand) by the Long Rider’s Guild’s ‘Classic Travel Books’.

Biography of George Borrow
Three useful biographies have so far been made digitally available by Gutenberg:

Jenkins, H., The Life of George Borrow. (1912)

Shorter, C., George Borrow and his Circle. (1913)

Thomas, E., George Borrow, the man and his books (a work which should, however, be used with caution).

More on George Borrow
For further information on George Borrow and George Borrow studies, see the website of the George Borrow Society.

Additional material may be found on the George Borrow Page of San Antonio College.

Where to look for books
Two fine British booksellers specialize in rare and modern editions of George Borrow’s works, and offer ample material related to Borrow’s Spanish years (Richard Ford, Spanish Gypsies, Carlist Civil War etc.). See the websites and catalogues of

Graham York Rare Books in Honiton, Devon

Nineteenth Century Books, of Dr. Ann M. Ridler in Warborough, Oxfordshire.