Copyright Situation

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I have of course no say over the legal rights that apply to George Borrow’s texts, but experts whom I have consulted on the matter have assured me that all of Borrow’s published works are long out of copyright and therefore plainly in the public domain.

When it comes to the footnotes which I have added to the original text, I could conceivably claim intellectual property for myself, but I willingly waive such rights. The whole point of this scholarly work of love is to enlarge the knowledge and stimulate the understanding of George Borrow’s fine book. To my mind that means the scholar should be fully willing to share the fruits of his labour with colleagues and fellow aficionados. As such, I gladly authorise anyone who wants to put my texts to good use, to use, copy, quote, and repeat them to his heart’s content. In such cases, a short reference to the source of the material would be appreciated (I suggest: ‘Source: Missler’s Gabicote edition of Borrow’s The Bible in Spain’).

As for the illustrations, I have done my very best only to reproduce such pictures which are also out of copyright, and already widely available on the internet. It is not wholly unthinkable that this has gone wrong on one or two occasions, as internet eye candy does not always come with the necessary source references or attributions. If anyone finds any photographic material here to which he has legal claims, kindly take up contact with me through my Facebook page, so that amends may be made.

Peter Missler.